Record Store Day

Woke up, stretched, worked out, breakfasted, showered. While working out, I decided that I should get over my newfound fear of exploration while by myself and go do something.

So, it turns out that it happened to be Record Store Day. I wasn’t really familiar with this event, but I did hear something about a week or so ago when I heard Feist and Mastodon were going to each do a cover of each other’s songs and having a special release for the event.

Anyway, so I head down to an area that is called “The Loop” which is a strip that has a bunch of restaurants, book stores, bars, etc. and stopped by Vintage Vinyl (one of the few still existing record stores) because there was going to be free beer (which I can’t drink right now), live music and… free cupcakes being delivered by underage girls. Hello, euphemism.

I’m currently at a Starbucks (yeah, I know. Shut up. It’s the only coffee shop around and it’s right across the street from the live music), typing this out on my ASUS Transformer Prime which is better than your iPad, while listening to live music and drinking a ridiculously overpriced green tea.




This is the band that was playing when I got here and… holy shit.
Front man was a solid rapper. Granted, being from San Diego, my exposure to live hiphop is pretty limited.
Drummer was a big dude whom I was very impressed with. He wasn’t afraid to go out of his comfort zone (which resulted in a couple of zany – that’s right bitches, zany – fills, but always recovered gracefully). Overall, his grooves were solid and he had some serious chops.
Bass player was a chill looking dude who just flat out killed it. His form was so impressive that I even would have enjoyed watching him play on mute. You could tell this guy knew what he was doing. His fills were tasteful and subtle. He never left the pocket, and reeled the drummer back in when he was swaying.
The guitarist looked so similar to Josh from the US Being Human that I couldn’t help but think he was awesome. Aside from my pseudo-homosexual physical attraction to him, his playing was great too. He never stepped on anyone’s toes, which, if you’ve ever played with a guitarist, you know makes him a godsend already. All of his riffs and ornaments were appropriately timed and executed and did nothing but add to the groove. It gave me that satisfying feeling I get when listening to a solid funk guitar player. He was very rhythmical and knew when to step into the spotlight and when not to.
The keyboard/synth player pretty much stayed in the background the whole time but added that electronic, full, produced, effect to the band’s presence that really made this feel like the real deal.

I talked to the band after the show and found out that almost all of their music is available for free up on their website. They were all super cool and I’ll definitely go check them out again. I told them I’m from San Diego and they all voiced interest in going there someday. I explained to them that there is no mnusic scene like this in San Diego… not that I don’t love my hometown! Anyway, yeah these guys were by far my favorite (even though, that’s not really a fair comparison due to the genres of these bands varying so greatly. Oh I bought their EP but once I get home I’m going to download the rest of their stuff too.

Warm Jets


Ridiculous bass player wearing an undershirt with a huge yellow stain on it, jeans, boots.
The drummer was the fattest, most awesome Amish dude I’ve ever seen (even in my imagination).

The guitarist had some amp drama before the show and ended up (I think) borrowing someone else’s equipment. Throughout their whole set, the sound was pretty unbalanced so I couldn’t really hear the vocals but from what I could gather, these guys seemed like a pretty decent in-your-face rock group.

The Skekses

Frontman was a goofy (in an awesome way), ginger chick with a great voice. She played ukulele and acoustic guitar.
Bass player was a chick who must have been 45, playing an acoustic standup
A rhythm guitarist who I found pleasant to look at even though he didn’t do anything spectacular. He seemed did his job well, including some decent harmonies (which is something I rarely see at local shows)

This other dude played a slide guitar, banjo and accordion… I swear this guy is the actual Hyde from That ’70s show, in both physical appearance and body language. I want to just follow him around and take notes.

After the live music, I’m going to walk down to the Tivoli (local independent theatre and landmark) and check out either this awesome looking Bob Marley documentary


or this highly recommended Indonesian action flick: The Raid: Redemption

So, I ended up seeing the action movie and it was pretty awesome. Lots of great fight scenes, etc. You get exactly what you’d expect. I picked up Kevin Smith’s book, Tough Sh*t

Here’s some other random photos







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