So… first of all, I’m starting to feel really fucking old. Everytime I have a conversation with a person that I haven’t met and the topic of kids comes up they ask me if I have kids and they expect the answer to be yes. WHAT THE HELL?! When did this happen?! I think to myself… “wow what the fuck, do I really look that old”? But then I realize oh wait… it’s normal for people my age to have kids. Anyway this is completely freaking me out. Dammit.

There’s this grocery store that I go to like… at least twice a week and have been doing this since July. I’ve never noticed anything out of the ordinary about this store before. It’s in a nice neighborhood, it seemed to have the things I would expect a grocery store to have…

Saturday night I’m drinking sake with this sushi chef dude and we were drunk enough to talk about grocery stores apparently. Turns out he goes to a grocery store that is like… the same chain as the one I go to but a different location that is slightly out of the way. Assuming they were going to be pretty much the same, I asked him why he prefers that one. He went on to tell me how the one I go to is in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood so their inventory is aimed at a different demographic.

I’m thinking… “wow that’s weird, I’ve never noticed that, whatever.”

Now skip forward 2 days to me pulling into the parking lot. I had actually forgotten about what he said (or so I thought). I swear to God, the entire time I was shopping I felt like I was in an Adam Sandler skit. Every Jewish stereotype you could imagine was slapping me in the face the entire time I was there. I also noticed they have a Kosher section that takes up half of the store.

I think it’s kind of crazy that I never noticed any of this before but after my conversation with the sushi chef dude it is obnoxiously apparent.

What else… I’m going to be in Boston for the next couple of days for work. That should be interesting, it’s a pretty old city with some character (and cheers). Fuck, I wonder if it’s going to be cold as hell there… k, checked and it’s not that bad. 50 degrees and raining is manageable.

Sushi here is so damned expensive. In San Diego you can find some really good stuff for reasonable prices but so far here I’ve only found one place that is even remotely comparable to anything in SD. Luckily the sushi guy chef dude told me about a kick ass korean bbq place and a really good viet place too.

Are these guys:
A) Neo Nazis
B) Random thugs from a Transporter movie
C) A Euro death metal band







D) Jazz Trio

yep, and an amazing one… Esbjorn Svensson Trio. Unfortunately Esbjorn Svennson died in a diving accident in 2008 so… that sucks.

Of course I can’t findmy favorite song they do on youtube because youtube is filled with dicks but these are three of my other favorites.


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