Little Dragon

Ok, are you fucking kidding me? These guys are amazing…………………..
So apparently when you combine 3 weird looking Swedish guys

Exhibit A

with a hot ass Japanese-Swedish-American hybrid chick

Exhibit B

you get ridiculously good music. Everything about these guys is great; soulful, original, it grooves, it’s catchy, it’s jazzy and did I mention that Yukimi Nagano is hot as fuck?

Here’s two of my favorite songs (so far) from their 2007 self titled album

After the Rain

and No Love

So far, every song on this album is stupid amounts of unbad. They have another album from 2009 that I haven’t gotten to yet but I’m sure I will absolutely need to have it in the next couple of hours.


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One Response to Little Dragon

  1. weiner says:

    *WANT* that vest.

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