Syfy: Imagine Less Sci-fi



Umm… yeah. This is from December 20th so pretend that today is December 20th when you read this (even though it’s not December 20th) because I didn’t have a blog on December 20th.

It’s December 20th, a few days after syfy announced the cancellation of Stargate Universe via twitter and my old roommate shows me this:

And this got me thinking…:

1.) Syfy

2.) Syfy dropping the ball

|< = =
/\        =
3.) At some point between 1.) and 2.) I randomly remembered how hot Chloe from Smallville was
4.) Naturally, I checked to see if there were nudes. This is the closest thing I could find
While this IS close to naked, the David Bowie haircut from Labyrinth prevents the original desired practical application (shut up, don’t judge me)

…yeah I have ADD

5.) Somehow while closing Google Image tabs, I noticed that Chloe is also in some web series called Riese: Kingdom Falling. Set in some steampunk fantasy land, it’s about a hot chick wandering around with a bra on her head and a pet wolf while being chased by assassins.

Upon further investigation I found that, in addition to having Chloe from Smallville, it is narrated by Amanda Tapping and stars some random people from SG, Caprica, and Battlestar. Definitely going to watch this.

6.) Project Riese was a German Nazi WWII economic project.


8.) I wonder if I could get a discounted Black Swan movie ticket if I was only there to see the Natalie Portman/Mila Kunis sex scene…

9.) It’s about fucking time the Senate repealed dadt

10.) How awesome would this be: A Sonic the Hedgehog mod where you play as Julian Assange being chased by old white guys in suits, girls with broken condoms, the Vatican and Republican soccer moms. Instead of dropping coins when you get hit, you drop leaked cables.


Since everything else has been indie, here’s something a little different (but equally badass): Dansette Junior – Paranoid

I don’t really know much about these guys other than that they are representing London and South East, UK. Oh, and also that they shop in black and white.



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