The return of my Adam’s apple and mojo

So my Adam’s apple is an asshole. It decides to disappear for a few years and then show up again when I’m shaving like it had never left. Fuck you, Adam’s apple. I am over 2/3 the way along in my journey back to not being a fatass but the rest of the world seems to think that 2/3 is enough. It’s a bizarre thing how differently people treat you when you are attractive – not that I can really point fingers since I do the exact same thing. Still, it’s a strange transition to experience. My experiment isn’t very well controlled since, with weight loss, comes confidence and many other things that people seem to pick up on so I don’t know which factor carries the most weight (lol).

I used to go out all the time and try my best to make conversation with strangers – both male and female. Occasionally, someone would give me the time of day but it sure took a lot of fucking effort. Seriously, I’m funny as shit and crazy charming so would do alright every now and then but it took my “A” game. Now, when I’m out at the grocery store, driving, in a bar, looking in the mirror – everyone is just more friendly. Even if I’m not putting any effort into it. A girl I met while SP was here had some free tickets to a Cardinal’s game and invited me to join her and her friend. This girl is pretty cool and actually pretty cute too. So I meet them at a bar before the game and her friend is hot as hell. The seating arrangement at the beginning was me, her, her friend. The entire game, it felt like both of them were fighting each other for my attention. The girl who invited me got up to go get us all beers – that’s right, she went to get ME a beer – and her friend stole her seat next to me and I witnessed a silent exchange between the two of them when she returned with the beers that basically said “you fucking bitch”. The game was a blast, the Cardinals wrecked the Pirates (every time I go to see the Cardinals, it’s always the Pirates…), I didn’t pay for shit all night, and the girls even drove me too.

That night was when I first realized that my mojo had returned. The same god damned thing happened to me when I lost weight the first time – girls all of a sudden into me and I didn’t even realize it. When you’re so used to knowing that nobody you’ll meet will have any real interest in you physically, before you even meet them, it takes a blatantly obvious event to make you realize that you’re awesome again.

I decided to put this theory to the test. Last night, I went to a bar (the first time I’ve gone to a bar alone since I started Operation: Unfat). This detail could very well be in my head, but there seems to be a collective, welcoming vibe coming from everyone now. This didn’t exist 6 months ago. The bar I was in was pretty packed, yet getting the bartender’s attention took no time at all – or effort. This is also an enormous change from 6 months ago. And, finally, a cute girl (not cute as in… she looks like she doesn’t smell, I could stomach having sex with her – like, genuinely attractive.. show off to your friends attractive) comes up to me and uses some cheesey pickup line, becomes embarrassed, and then offers to by me a drink. Uh…. ok? There was no awkward scanning of the room in search of the low hanging fruit in hopes that she’d make eye contact. I didn’t even notice her until she was in my face and I became dominant in the conversation – and in the situation in general – without saying a fucking word. I wasn’t out very long, wasn’t drunk, didn’t initiate any conversations, and got two phone numbers last night. Once the conversations began, I didn’t put much effort in at all and yet I was able to get solid results from girls that were in a league that I hadn’t even bothered competing in for the past few years.

You seriously have to work harder at EVERYTHING when you’re fat. Talking to people (men or women), breathing, walking, shopping, flying on airplanes (fucking hell), wiping your ass, bending over to pick something up off of the ground, the list goes on and on. Moral of the story: If you can help it (you probably can), don’t be fat.

I taught a drum lesson to this dude yesterday that was like, legit 70s badass. He’s a retired fireman and used to be a competitive bodybuilder. He even placed second in the Mr. St. Louis competition (apparently, that’s a thing) in 1977 (I think that was the year). Guy has an epic mustache and is all around cool. He was telling me stories about women in the 70s and how, after birth control became widely distributed, women were fucking everyone and everything like rabbits. You can just tell by talking to him that this dude was the real deal – a legit lady’s man – in a time when it was cool to have chest hair and a mustache. I imagine he looked something like this:


Anyway, the guy has an entire fucking gym on his property filled with gym equipment that he designed and built himself. So I think I’m going to trade drum lessons for workout lessons (and life/mustache lessons).

But yeah, none of that other stuff is really important. What is important is that The Avengers was fucking AMAZING. Hands down, the best super hero movie ever made. And one of the, if not the, most enjoyable movies I’ve ever watched. For the entire two and a half hours of that movie, I was giddy like a little kid. I haven’t felt that way in a long time.

You don’t -need- to have seen all of the movies building up to this one, but I would highly recommend it. Unless a girl was sitting in your seat during the previous showing. Because it will probably be wet. Because the movie was that good. If you don’t love this movie then seriously, fuck you. I will definitely be seeing it multiple times while it’s still in theaters.

Now I have to go because I have a date. Although… I’m at the end of season 3 in Deep Space Nine and am considering cancelling on her. I suck at lacing shoes.

None of the songs I wanted to post are on youtube and I don’t have time to upload them right now so… obligatory 90s Will Smith:

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Movies and music

My noble quest to spend less of my free time in my apartment continues!

Last week while I was shamelessly loitering in the area of St. Louis called “The Loop”, I came across an old guy playing trumpet on the sidewalk. After listening to him play for a few minutes (he was damned good), I recognized a Tom Harrell riff from the Bill Evans album, “When We Meet Again”. Mentioning that to him sparked a half hour conversation about the music scene in St. Louis and music in general. After speaking with me for a while about my perspective on music and different roles in an ensemble and discovering that I’m a drummer (and that I can read music, which, apparently is rare out here?) he takes my name and phone number and gives me his. A few days later, I get a couple of calls from drummers around town and now I have a couple of students in a town where I haven’t even touched a drumstick (the wooden kind, made for hitting drums – no fat jokes, assholes!).

So.. there’s that. This guy is in his 70s and has apparently played with Count Basie and a number of other names up in New York (I didn’t hear this from him – he didn’t talk himself up at all) and now I’m his best friend.

He recommended a few local venues that I hadn’t heard of for some good live jazz, as well as a few names of the local players. On Friday, I decided to go check out one of the venues he recommended – Robbie’s House of Jazz. With a name like that and the fact that they have a website, I am absolutely dumbfounded as to why I haven’t found them in any of my searches. Maybe I should offer some pro bono SEO consulting.

The place is a little hidden away, but actually in a really nice part of town (from what I was able to gather, anyway). They’ve got music almost every night and the cover is only $5 with a student ID… how awesome is that? The band was supposed to go on at 8:30 so I showed up around 8:20 to an empty venue that I would have thought was closed had there not been a band setting up. 8:45 rolls around and I was still the only person there other than the bartender. So these guys went on to play an hour and a half set for an audience of me. It was part awkward and part awesome at the same time. Since there wasn’t anyone there, they decided to play some pretty obscure tunes that don’t normally get called at gigs. It basically turned into a really informal jam session where I was able to freely talk to them and it was great! Around 10, the owner (a really sweet lady) came out and said that they were going to close down after that first set since nobody showed up. She was really cool and apologetic about it and even offered to return the cover that I paid – which I immediately denied. I just got to listen to an hour and a half of 4 really great musicians play me a private set for $5. And she still had to pay the band for the full gig (obviously), so I felt really bad. The piano player came over to my table with the owner and apologized to me about cutting the gig short. He told me that the venue is pretty hit or miss, but over all is a great place. He then invited me to an open jam session at a slightly more upscale venue on Monday night. He said he was looking forward to hearing me play (even though I hadn’t mentioned that I play). Apparently, during their set I was rocking out on an imaginary piano so he thought I played keys. Unfortunately, I’m going to be in DC on Monday and won’t be able to take him up on that.

Overall, the place was amazing. They have music almost every night – a weekly open jam session, a vocal night where anyone can sing, big band night, etc. They even regularly host local High School and College jazz ensembles, giving proceeds to the school’s program. There seriously isn’t a San Diego equivalent to this venue. From now on, anytime someone comes out to visit I will definitely be bringing them to Robbie’s.

Now, for movies!

Last night, I went to see “The Raven”

I had really high hopes for this movie and I think John Cusack is fucking awesome (mostly because of High Fidelity).

I went with a group of people to see it and everyone loved it except for me and this fat, obnoxious, moron of a woman. Considering how much of an idiot she was, I doubt her reasons for disliking the movie are worth examining. I think part of the reason for being such a harsh critic of this movie was that I thought it was a really cool premise and I had a very clear vision of how I wanted it to go, and… it didn’t really live up to that vision. This criticism is probably biased, but I don’t blame Cusack for the problems with his character (Poe). I think Cusack did a great job with what he was given, but I don’t think the writing and directing captured what they needed to. He’s the hero – I get that he has to be somewhat likable… but I wanted more emphasis on his wit and how eccentric and detached he was. Maybe not detached… maybe just that his perspective, while still absolutely valid, was extremely different from what was considered normal at the time. The guy is supposed to be a tortured, passionate, genius with an amazing imagination. I also wanted more out of the dialogue from the other characters too… it didn’t feel like much effort was put into making it feel like the mid 1800s in terms of dialogue.

It really was a decent movie and I think the costar, Luke Evans, did a great job. I thought he was great in the most recent Three Musketeers movie and also in Immortals. I think we can expect to see him in some more impressive roles in the future.

Today, I saw “The Hunter”

This movie was fucking fantastic. It was basically an hour and forty five minutes of gorgeous scenery and Willem Dafoe being a complete fucking badass. It’s the kind of movie that you really need to see in a theater – there are a lot of very quiet and very intense scenes and I think the viewer would really miss out on how suspenseful this movie is if they weren’t giving it their undivided attention in a silent theater with great sound. The movie is based on a book with the same title, and I swear the author must have been having wet dreams about Dafoe while writing it. Anyone else in this role would have ruined the movie and Dafoe absolutely killed it.

Personally, I thought that this movie was amazing. However, I would be wary of recommending it to everyone as I could see how lesser humans would find the movie slow and boring. There are a good number of important conversations in this film – many of which are monologues – that contain no talking. The silent scenes really grab you and also stand testament to Dafoe’s outstanding performance. There isn’t much violence either, despite how it may have been marketed. However, because (unlike most popular movies these days) you aren’t completely desensitized to the explosions, blood, and guts right away, the violent moments, however brief, have substantial impact. The sparse nature in which the violence is presented also lends to the feeling that these people are humans just like us and, as such, are fragile. It feels real. Watching your hero run around in the open while 20 people are shooting at him/her with automatic weapons and rocket launchers, only to escape the situation unscathed prevents that exciting sense of jeopardy that can resonate with real life and leave a lasting impression on the viewer. The Hunter definitely has something to say about Mortality and it doesn’t pull its punches. If you have the attention span for it and/or you appreciate quality films, go see this movie.

Now, since it is my sworn duty to expose good music to good people (and also to SP), BEHOLD:

*Note – If you don’t like at least two of these songs there is probably something wrong with you.

Howard Roberts – Girl Talk

Marlene Dietrich – Cherche La Rose

Lights – Siberia

Two Door Cinema Club – Undercover Martyn

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Record Store Day

Woke up, stretched, worked out, breakfasted, showered. While working out, I decided that I should get over my newfound fear of exploration while by myself and go do something.

So, it turns out that it happened to be Record Store Day. I wasn’t really familiar with this event, but I did hear something about a week or so ago when I heard Feist and Mastodon were going to each do a cover of each other’s songs and having a special release for the event.

Anyway, so I head down to an area that is called “The Loop” which is a strip that has a bunch of restaurants, book stores, bars, etc. and stopped by Vintage Vinyl (one of the few still existing record stores) because there was going to be free beer (which I can’t drink right now), live music and… free cupcakes being delivered by underage girls. Hello, euphemism.

I’m currently at a Starbucks (yeah, I know. Shut up. It’s the only coffee shop around and it’s right across the street from the live music), typing this out on my ASUS Transformer Prime which is better than your iPad, while listening to live music and drinking a ridiculously overpriced green tea.




This is the band that was playing when I got here and… holy shit.
Front man was a solid rapper. Granted, being from San Diego, my exposure to live hiphop is pretty limited.
Drummer was a big dude whom I was very impressed with. He wasn’t afraid to go out of his comfort zone (which resulted in a couple of zany – that’s right bitches, zany – fills, but always recovered gracefully). Overall, his grooves were solid and he had some serious chops.
Bass player was a chill looking dude who just flat out killed it. His form was so impressive that I even would have enjoyed watching him play on mute. You could tell this guy knew what he was doing. His fills were tasteful and subtle. He never left the pocket, and reeled the drummer back in when he was swaying.
The guitarist looked so similar to Josh from the US Being Human that I couldn’t help but think he was awesome. Aside from my pseudo-homosexual physical attraction to him, his playing was great too. He never stepped on anyone’s toes, which, if you’ve ever played with a guitarist, you know makes him a godsend already. All of his riffs and ornaments were appropriately timed and executed and did nothing but add to the groove. It gave me that satisfying feeling I get when listening to a solid funk guitar player. He was very rhythmical and knew when to step into the spotlight and when not to.
The keyboard/synth player pretty much stayed in the background the whole time but added that electronic, full, produced, effect to the band’s presence that really made this feel like the real deal.

I talked to the band after the show and found out that almost all of their music is available for free up on their website. They were all super cool and I’ll definitely go check them out again. I told them I’m from San Diego and they all voiced interest in going there someday. I explained to them that there is no mnusic scene like this in San Diego… not that I don’t love my hometown! Anyway, yeah these guys were by far my favorite (even though, that’s not really a fair comparison due to the genres of these bands varying so greatly. Oh I bought their EP but once I get home I’m going to download the rest of their stuff too.

Warm Jets


Ridiculous bass player wearing an undershirt with a huge yellow stain on it, jeans, boots.
The drummer was the fattest, most awesome Amish dude I’ve ever seen (even in my imagination).

The guitarist had some amp drama before the show and ended up (I think) borrowing someone else’s equipment. Throughout their whole set, the sound was pretty unbalanced so I couldn’t really hear the vocals but from what I could gather, these guys seemed like a pretty decent in-your-face rock group.

The Skekses

Frontman was a goofy (in an awesome way), ginger chick with a great voice. She played ukulele and acoustic guitar.
Bass player was a chick who must have been 45, playing an acoustic standup
A rhythm guitarist who I found pleasant to look at even though he didn’t do anything spectacular. He seemed did his job well, including some decent harmonies (which is something I rarely see at local shows)

This other dude played a slide guitar, banjo and accordion… I swear this guy is the actual Hyde from That ’70s show, in both physical appearance and body language. I want to just follow him around and take notes.

After the live music, I’m going to walk down to the Tivoli (local independent theatre and landmark) and check out either this awesome looking Bob Marley documentary


or this highly recommended Indonesian action flick: The Raid: Redemption

So, I ended up seeing the action movie and it was pretty awesome. Lots of great fight scenes, etc. You get exactly what you’d expect. I picked up Kevin Smith’s book, Tough Sh*t

Here’s some other random photos






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Not a hymn.

Hello, people that read this. I enjoy watching tv and movies at home, but I have a real problem getting through shows. I’ll be watching the show like a normal person, but then whenever some music plays that interests me I end up pausing the show and going on a music downloading/listening binge that tends to last the rest of the night, preventing me from finishing the episode. Oh well.

Here’s what happened tonight, which compelled me to write something on my deserted blog. I was watching an episode of House when all of a sudden I hear an old Cy Coleman tune delivered by a familiar voice. I pause the episode and confirm my suspicion that Fiona Apple actually did a version of the song. I then find out that she did another one of his songs too. Then, while listening to them I stumble across a link which leads to a link, leading to another link, etc. Next thing I know I’m listening to Dio and getting all excited, remembering my favorite Iron Maiden songs…

These aren’t necessarily my favorite versions of the songs, but I do love Fiona Apple.


To fully appreciate this, I suppose you’d have to understand how excited music makes me (which I could never clearly articulate, so I’ll save both of us some time. You’ll just have to take my word for it). It’s at this point, lost in my auditorily-induced holodeck that I realized how bat shit insane I am. Seriously. I am so easily and unbelievably immersed in whatever music I’m listening to (assuming it’s of notable quality) that it can instantly transport me somewhere, a time, a place, a clear recording of some significant event in my life that’s either happened before or one that I hope to experience sometime in the future.

Living thousands of miles from anyone that I have anything resembling a real connection with, I spend a lot of time by myself. The isolation really does wear on you and I often think about how great it would be just to have dinner and a real conversation with one of my close friends. I spend hours every night listening to music, sifting through songs trying to find the perfect “high” for that particular evening. The funny thing, considering my situation, is that on the nights I do find the right song – for at least in those few minutes while listening, there isn’t anyone that I’d want to share it with, even if I could. It’s mine.

The drivers out here are fucking terrible! Everyone drives like a timid little bitch, it’s ridiculous. OH!! They slow down considerably for no reason whenever they are changing lanes, NOBODY understands the concept of a passing lane, and people are afraid to change lanes when you’re trying to let them in so they just drive the same speed with their blinker on and never change lanes after you’ve slowed down slightly and given them a window. They also drive slow as hell. ugh

In his prime, Richard Dean Anderson was one handsome badass.

Here’s a funny joke, a dildo, a hungry hungry hippo, a bacon tuxedo and some fucked up shit:

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Stapler, Doug, Portland, Work Holiday Parties

Well well well…

The past few weeks there have been several times where I’ve found myself thinking “wow, I should really post about this!” and then I don’t. I’m not talking about stupid things like I normally post. These were like, really amazing ideas that would blow your mind and probably change the world. But yeah, I totally forgot all of them. So I come to work this morning, sit at my desk, and the first thing that comes to mind is how fucking gross mayonnaise is and how I’ve always hated that the chick Doug, star of Doug, dug was named Patty Mayonnaise. Am I the only one fucked up enough to realize how gross that is? So yeah, that’s the thought that gave me motivation to post.

I have some crazy adult ADD and often find myself staring at this stapler on my desk. It’s a pretty nice stapler… I’ve never actually stapled anything with it but I staple nothing and play with the staples pretty regularly. The sticker on the side is amazing: “Jam Free Guaranteed”. It could mean so many things… I must have come up with like 50 meanings for this sticker. The longer I stare at it, the weirder the shit I come up with is. I laugh, I cry, I get angry. Balls.

The Portland trip was a lot of fun but to sum it up: Beer, Tattoo, Tree, Man Purse, Bacon, Jew Breakfast, Handjob, Walking, Beanie, Stripper, Honduras, Coat Hanger, Deoderant, Random old guys screaming for absolutely no reason, Little Kid Bar, Sunglasses, Pooping.

The people in my department or that I typically work with are all executives or senior staff/managers and they are all old. The IT/IS and Project Management parts of our office are divided into 3 sections: Service Desk (mostly entry level IT guys), A section that’s for more senior technicians and then a third section with all of their bosses. I sit in the third section because I’m a badass of Samuel L. Norris proportions. We had one of our many holiday parties last night at a really expensive steak house. We had our own seperate room with 5 or 6 large tables that sat 12 each. I decided to take this opportunity to sit at the table with all of the young service desk guys/girls that are more around my age. There was multi-course meal with a choice of Filet Mignon, Salmon or Stuffed Chicken as the entree. I think I was the only person in the entire party to not order the filet. There was also an open bar. By open bar I mean there were two cute girls that would bring you literally anything you wanted.
The people at my table were fucking hilarious. Most of the party were dressed in relatively formal attire: suits, ties, etc. but not at my table. Aside from myself, everyone at my table was pretty underdressed (I was in a suit. See above statement about how badass I am). This was clearly the table of misfits. These guys were having the girls bring us full bottles of wine and scotch. Our table of about 10 people must have consumed at least a thousand dollars worth of alcohol in the couple of hours that we were there. These are all people that probably make somewhere from… $15-$20/hour, wearing polo shirts. Someone from our table sent his filet back because he didn’t like how it was prepared. When they were still ordering scotch by the glass (before the bottles came) they were complaining because they wanted 2 ice cubes, not 3.

Those guys all got completely trashed. I went over to the service desk room this morning and they all look like complete ass. I, however, anticipated an after party and paced myself like a pro. The after party is where I had to go be strategically social. The trick is to not talk to them early on, before they’ve had any drinks.
– They’ll still be old and boring
– You most likely won’t have anything to talk about yet and there won’t be any common ground unless you are old too.

So I avoid all contact with them until the after party. Most of them are flown in from other cities and don’t have to go home to their wives that night so they are definitely going to be partying.

By the time the afterparty comes around they have some liquor in them and since you haven’t spoken to them yet they are interested in you already. All of the other people are boring and have been talking with them since they were sober. A new face = friend. I don’t know why it works, but it does.

So yeah, it turned out to be a very productive night.

Louis C.K. is awesome. His show kicks ass and so does his standup. I also found out that he does all of the editing for his show himself on a macbook.

He recently put out a new special – a live show of his at the Beacon Theater. The cool thing about this was that he did it all himself, without the help of a big company. He booked the venue, paid for the production and website all by himself.

Basically, you paypal $5 and you get a professional quality Louis CK special. You can stream it from his site or download it a maximum of 3 times.

What this means is that it’s the easiest fucking thing on the planet for people to “pirate”. There was no DRM or copyright protection, nothing. On the site he made a note about this, stating that he put this together himself as a person, not a huge company. He mentioned torrenting and basically said, “hey, I’m putting this out there dirt cheap, with no hassle to you at all, please don’t steal it”.

He even posted on thepiratebay and it sparked a huge debate. Tons of people (like myself) that probably download everything were more than happy to pay the REASONABLE price that he’s offering and pirating this special is actually being frowned upon by… pretty much everyone.

This is a statement he just put out yesterday about this whole (what he’s referring to as) experiment.

If you were too much of a crate of tampons to read it, he points out that he made more money than he would have made going through a big company and we paid a small fraction of the price for the same product, among other other things.

The big money in so much of our media is total bullshit. The artists get less, we all are forced to pay way too much. I’ve been pirating tv, movies, music for years even though I have a job and money. My problem is with, for example, record companies making more money from every sale than the artists make. What the hell is up with that? It’s not that I care so much about big name artists not getting their cut, I just think it’s bullshit that we have to pay 5x what we should be paying just so that billionaire record execs can get their cut.

PENIS PENIS PENIS PENIS. Anyway, I bought this and without hesitation even though it could have easily been downloaded elsewhere.

If you like Louis CK you should definitely buy this, it’s funny as shit. If you don’t know who he is, youtube him and get ready to laugh. Then buy this. If you still don’t want to buy this then fuck you.

Hopefully the success of this project will open the eyes of some other artists before the RIAA lobbyists (politicians) make it illegal.

I’ve been on a mid 90s kick lately, enjoy.

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Whoa, east coast.

I was in Boston last week for work and although I didn’t have time to do much sightseeing and whatnot, it was a pretty cool trip.

This was sort of a “meet and greet” with a company we recently acquired and things went pretty well considering I was the only person there from my company. I spent most of my time with the company’s only female partner who happened to be fucking hilarious and completely drank me under the table.

I stayed in a hotel where the cheapest room was about $450/night and it was so east coast. The hotel bar lounge was super fucking swanky and consisted of nothing but 50+ year old men in suits and then a few ridiculously hot girls that must have just turned 21 ($$$).

In the morning downstairs the lobby was filled those same old guys from the night before in expensive suits sitting on leather chairs and literally every single one of them was reading the Wall Street Journal.

The lady I was working with and I dropped about $250 on dinner with just the two of us at some amazing seafood place.

We started with the tuna tartare that had like… sriracha aioli, sesame oil, cilantro, nori, sushi rice. It was a little spicy and completely delicious.

I had the Crab Crusted Cod (and was even drunk enough to make a joke about alliteration). It was like this super fresh, delicious cod covered in crab meat and potatoes with english pea puree. by this point I was so far gone that I don’t remember the details, but I do remember that every bite of that thing got better and better (and it was amazing to start).

It was raining and on the walk back to my hotel we had to go over this cobblestone courtyard. Watching her try to navigate through wet, uneven cobblestone in heels was probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen and I couldn’t stop laughing. She said she was going to kick my ass for making her go out in the rain, ruining her $500 shoes and laughing at her.

The next day I got to check out the harbor, and even though there were amazing things everywhere, I managed to take the two most uninteresting pictures possible:

This is a boat that the Owner of the Redsox owns or something

This is a picture I took because I was about to leave and was like, “oh shit I should take a picture” so it’s of absolutely nothing and pointless. Enjoy.

After that, I headed over to the Occupy Boston camping grounds in front of the Federal Reserve building. I was wearing a full suit and felt like kind of a douche so I tried to take pictures without anyone seeing me and didn’t get very good ones here either.

Boston is an awesome city and I’ll definitely be going back as soon as I can. There’s just something cool about such such an old city with so much history, badass accents… and awesome seafood. I could totally live there.

Also, this actually makes me want to have kids:

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So… first of all, I’m starting to feel really fucking old. Everytime I have a conversation with a person that I haven’t met and the topic of kids comes up they ask me if I have kids and they expect the answer to be yes. WHAT THE HELL?! When did this happen?! I think to myself… “wow what the fuck, do I really look that old”? But then I realize oh wait… it’s normal for people my age to have kids. Anyway this is completely freaking me out. Dammit.

There’s this grocery store that I go to like… at least twice a week and have been doing this since July. I’ve never noticed anything out of the ordinary about this store before. It’s in a nice neighborhood, it seemed to have the things I would expect a grocery store to have…

Saturday night I’m drinking sake with this sushi chef dude and we were drunk enough to talk about grocery stores apparently. Turns out he goes to a grocery store that is like… the same chain as the one I go to but a different location that is slightly out of the way. Assuming they were going to be pretty much the same, I asked him why he prefers that one. He went on to tell me how the one I go to is in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood so their inventory is aimed at a different demographic.

I’m thinking… “wow that’s weird, I’ve never noticed that, whatever.”

Now skip forward 2 days to me pulling into the parking lot. I had actually forgotten about what he said (or so I thought). I swear to God, the entire time I was shopping I felt like I was in an Adam Sandler skit. Every Jewish stereotype you could imagine was slapping me in the face the entire time I was there. I also noticed they have a Kosher section that takes up half of the store.

I think it’s kind of crazy that I never noticed any of this before but after my conversation with the sushi chef dude it is obnoxiously apparent.

What else… I’m going to be in Boston for the next couple of days for work. That should be interesting, it’s a pretty old city with some character (and cheers). Fuck, I wonder if it’s going to be cold as hell there… k, checked and it’s not that bad. 50 degrees and raining is manageable.

Sushi here is so damned expensive. In San Diego you can find some really good stuff for reasonable prices but so far here I’ve only found one place that is even remotely comparable to anything in SD. Luckily the sushi guy chef dude told me about a kick ass korean bbq place and a really good viet place too.

Are these guys:
A) Neo Nazis
B) Random thugs from a Transporter movie
C) A Euro death metal band







D) Jazz Trio

yep, and an amazing one… Esbjorn Svensson Trio. Unfortunately Esbjorn Svennson died in a diving accident in 2008 so… that sucks.

Of course I can’t findmy favorite song they do on youtube because youtube is filled with dicks but these are three of my other favorites.

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